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What Makes The Commercial Photographers Different From Advertiser Photographers?

We all come across appealing photos, posters, and banners that are seen promoting some kind of product or merchandise, restaurant or any brand. By viewing all the photos, we are of the view that these must be taken by some kind of an advertising agency. However, when it comes to photography, there’s a thin line that one needs to understand, which differentiates commercial photographers from advertiser photographers. Here are some insights about what makes commercial photographers different from advertiser photographer:

It’s The Intent

This is probably the most important and complex to understand. How the intent or rather goal of the photography does differentiate between commercial photographers in St. Petersburg FL from advertiser photographers? Simple; the intent of commercial photography is to produce images that will capture the essence of the entity in front of the camera. On the other hand, advertising photographers want to make the product appealing in the manner of sale that would compel the viewers to buy or order the product right away.

The Elements

Elements mean the products, which are considered for each set of photography. For commercial photography, buildings, models, landscapes, etc. are considered that can act as an appeal for the brand or name to be promoted. On the other hand, advertising photography includes product photoshoot that is typically used for retail promotions, captured with emotions and appealing instincts to make the photos look instantly eye-catching. The common example is the stock photos that we come across the internet searching for any product. These illustrate commercial photography because they showcase the best essence of the product in terms of illuminating the brand, not promoting it.

The goal

The goal of advertising photography is to attract customers to the product, whereas the goal of commercial photography is to attract customers to the brand. We can see both pictures with the appeal; however, when it comes to advertised photos, we can see that there are taglines, and advertised material alongside the photos, intended to attract the customer’s attention to the product. On the contrary, commercial photography in St. Petersburg FL makes it possible to attract the customers to the specific brand, event, or convention of some kind.

The Style

When it comes to the style of photography, a naked eye is unable to grasp the difference. However, the difference lies in the appeal that is created through photography. In commercial photography, the frame alongside with lighting, style, and the background is kept neutral. On the contrary, the style in advertising photography is intended to create specific appeal emotions in the customers, which is why they come up with dazzling lights, bold and inventive, that makes the products appealing to the customers. You can also see that the commercial photos tend to hide any sharp contrasts whereas advertising photographers have multi-faced sharp contrasts and lighting that makes it eye-catching.

The End User Of The Photos

The end-users for commercial photographs are basically customers, businesses, clients, and other such related entities that use the photos for retail business only, illustrating their profile. On the other hand, the end-users of advertising photos are marketers that want to display and promote their products and aim at promoting the product by enticing the customers with the picture.


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